How To Use

How to Use:

The Safety Grabber Door Opener
  • Use hole to insert index finger for proper use
  • Latch on to door handles to open and close.
The Safety Grabber Push Buttons
  • Push buttons on keypads with the end tip.
 The Safety Grabber Touchscreen Stylus
  • Have finger on carbon fiber rod for stylus tip to work on touchscreens.
  • Use one of our cleaning methods after public use.

How to Clean:

The Safety Grabber How to Clean
  • The Safety Grabber can be hand cleaned with soap and water.

The Safety Grabber How to Clean

  • Any Hand Sanitizer can be applied to the Safety Grabber to be cleaned.

The Safety Grabber How to Clean

  • Rubbing Alcohol can be used on a rag to cleanse the Safety Grabber.